Grear Patterson

Getting Patterson to back up and really go through the process of becoming the kind of artist that isn’t starving isn’t so easy, it all just seems to have come organically, a natural progression of luck, relationships, and support. He credits his father, too, with instilling in him a particular set of values that stuck: “Never look in the mirror unless you’re shaving. Only do something if you’re going to do it well. And never quit.”

GQ Style
Bronx, NYC
Text by Lili Göksenin


“I lived in the city, I worked, I had a girlfriend…that kind of thing. Then I got the building in the Bronx four years ago. I’ve been saving money trying to make work ever since. Haha!”


“I think the make up of an artist and the makeup of a designer is really close,” he says. “You know how in chemistry there’s just one molecule difference between two substances but the structure is the exact same? It’s like that.”

"I think alarms are annoying”—and he makes artist-type to-do lists he conquers like a game. “I lay out the 4-5 things I want to do that day and I have them ready. It’s fun because I can visualize.”