WSJ: City of Art

Los Angeles: City of Art

Featuring Jordan Wolfson, Sam Falls, Esther Varet, Sarah Gavlak, Blum + Poe, and Michael John Kelly in their studios and galleries.

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Story by Maura Egan

left: Jordan Wolfson

Sam Falls

"I’m not afraid of art dying—I’m more afraid of artists dying. I’m afraid of what it will mean to be an artist [in the future], that it will become more of a job position."

Blum + Poe

Tim Blum + Jeff Poe

Sarah Gavlak

" I wanted to be in a community...I just feel more at home in L.A."


Esther Kim Varet

I wanted it to feel like a mausoleum --a place where you wouldn’t be able to figure out what was going on without further inspection